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How to Achieve  Gauge

     Gauge simply means the number of stitches per inch, and the numbers of rows per inch that result from a specified yarn worked with hooks or needles in a specified size. But since everyone knits or crochets differently—some loosely,  some tightly, some in-between—the measurements of individual work can vary greatly, even when the crocheters or knitters use the same pattern and the same size yarn and hook or needle.

     If you don’t work to the gauge specified in the pattern, your project will never be the correct size, and you may not have enough yarn to finish your project. Hook and needle sizes given in instructions are merely guides,  and should never be used without a gauge swatch.

    To make a gauge swatch,  crochet or knit a swatch that is about 4” square, using the suggested hook or needle and the number of stitches given in the pattern. Measure your swatch.  If the number of stitches is fewer than those listed in the pattern, try making another swatch with a smaller hook or needle. If the number of stitches is more than is called for in the pattern, try making another swatch with a larger hook or needle. It is your responsibility to make sure you achieve the gauge specified in the pattern.